Anatoly Levanov is one of a few doctors who perform vacuum assisted biopsy to remove an area of abnormal cells from the breast tissue.


Market research before engaging in promotion

The vast majority of women undergo traditional open sector resection due to the fact that the VAB is performed only in few centres. There is a very low awareness of the modern neoplasms removal method.


–Analyse advertising and search results for the VAB
–Develop SEA and SEO strategies based on the audit results


–Estimate the demand pattern with Yandex Wordstat for such key phrases as "breast cancer" and "vacuum assisted breast biopsy".
–Analyse direct competitors in Yandex and Google advertising and search results, their functional and promotional content

–requests analysis has revealed a low demand for the specific (best) way to treat breast cancer using the vacuum assisted biopsy (only 415 requests per month). They are very few when compared to the number of requests for the problem that can be solved with the VAB.
–Search results and context-based search results for the key phrases "breast cancer" and "vacuum assisted breast biopsy" have been analysed.
–The competitors who offer the VAB have been identified. Only 1 clinic offers it as a solution to the "breast cancer" problem.
–The strategy has been developed and the advertising budget has been calculated. The analysis has shown that based on the low cost per click and low competition, it is effective to launch specific VAB advertising. It is also recommended to run an advertising campaign using the key phrases connected with the problem, for example: "breast cancer treatment". These are high-frequency key phrases, but no one offers the VAB as a solution to this problem. Thus, by generating effective ads that specifically state the VAB advantages in comparison with other methods, the main audience interested in breast cancer treatment can be taken.
–For SEO promotion it is recommended to create a landing page for the VAB services. The landing page structure has been developed

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