The company provides professional legal services to the residents of Moscow and other regions of Russia

Legal services

Marketing Promotion Web development
Market research before engaging in promotion

Few enquiries and applications, need for additional promotional activities


–Estimate the market size of advocacy services
–Conduct competitive analysis of advertising and search results
–Identify strengths and weaknesses competitors' promotion
–Develop SEA and SEO strategies based on the audit results


–Estimate the demand pattern with Yandex Wordstat
–Analyse direct competitors in Yandex and Google advertising and search results, their websites metrics and promotional techniques using Serpstat tools
–Analyse the functionality and content of the client's website in comparison with the website of competitors, identify omissions and make recommendations on how to improve the website


–Analysis of direct competitors in advertising and search results has supported the company's promotion. It has helped choose promotional channels and develop an advertising and search strategy
–There have been identified the omissions on the client's website in comparison with competitors that resulted in leads loss, recommendations for the website improvement have been made
–The size of advocacy services market has been estimated
–The analysis of requests has revealed the keywords with the lowest competition that will make it easier to get to the top of search results (highlighted in green and yellow)
–a detailed promotion plan for selected keywords in search results has been prepared
–key requests for display advertising have been identified, a strategy has been developed, and advertising budget has been calculated


launch an advertising campaign and increase the number of enquiries and appointments for legal assistance

Target audience

Men and women, 25-44 years old, above-average income, higher education, as a rule have a family and a car. Permanent residents of Moscow or Moscow region.


–data collection through analytical systems have been set up
–a semantic core has been built for advertising campaigns
–an audit has been conducted after the test launch of the ad, landing pages have been worked on
–advertising campaign in Yandex.Direct has been set up and launched
–advertising campaigns have been optimized


Test run
Report period: 2.03.2020-16.03.2020
Expenditure: 5689
Number of conversions: 3
Displays: 980
Clicks: 58
Average CPC: 98
Conversion efficiency: 1.74 per cent
Lead cost: 1896 roubles
Visit depth: 1.6
Time spent on the website: 0:49

Expenditure: 3836
Number of conversions: 16 ↑
Displays: 3396 ↑
Clicks: 129 ↑
Average CPC: 29.74
Conversion rate: 12.4 per cent
Lead cost: 239 roubles
Visit depth: 2.72 ↑
Time spent on the website: 2:19 ↑


1. CPC has reduced 3 times.
2. The number of applications has increased by 400%.
3. The cost of one application has reduced by 1657 roubles.
4. Users' behavioral factors have improved.
5. Time spent on the website: +1:30 ↑
6. Visit depth: +1.12 ↑

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