A children's camp specialized in additional education and children's recreation organized in a unique form

Hotel and tourism destination

Web development
Web development

–create a bright non-standard website for the system of educational camps for children, a business card of the company
–create a functional personal account enabling to:
•supply a payment invoice based on the entered data;
•create a ticket in pdf based on the entered data;
•fill in a questionnaire of about 100 questions about children's health, hobbies, and activities so that the administrator could view and print it out directly from the console;
•introduce a discount system that depends on the number of user's purchases (up to 5 different statuses);
•add recreation centres for advents, filling in the sections with photos (territory, rooms, recreation area), information about the centres, linking them to advents;
•buy tickets for each advent (plane or train): a separate ticket invoice or payment by card directly on the website;
•a promotional system for advents (functionality: new price + description of the promotional offer, with an output to the client's part of the website);
•send the documents by e-mail (invoice, voucher, 2 types of memos that are loaded in the admin console, a set of rules) + link to the child's profile in the personal account


1. A website has been created, that fully responds to the customer's design ideas and requests
2. The possibilities to view advents, place orders and pay with a bank card online have been added

3. A personal account with all the requested functions has been added

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