Lounge café with high-quality and diverse cuisine, bar, dance floor and delivery service.


SMM Web development
Web development

Create a bright, user-friendly website integrated with automated food delivery systems, convenient administration for regular updating, online payment with a bank card.


1. During the website development, a complex integration with iiko has been performed: rapid transfer of data on orders, including weight products, from the website to the automated order management system has been provided.
2. A script has been developed that checks the availability of the product in the stop list and automatically hides missing products in the store. When the product appears, the script displays it on the website.

3. The design of the previous version of the website has been revised completely. The menu categories are displayed at the home page as a table while at other pages it is always displayed at the right side of the page.
4. Cross-sales of additional products have been realized.
5. Order forms have been analysed, optional fields have been identified and deleted.
6. Online payment with a bank card has been introduced

Social media marketing

Increase brand awareness and get orders using Instagram


–develop a comprehensive promotion strategy;
–define a target audience;
–develop a unified visual concept;
–define types of content and develop content plan;
–define the goals of advertising campaigns;
–work with feedback (prompt responses in direct and comments, handling negative feedback).


–Develop a content plan, taking into account the company's needs, and approve it with the customer on a monthly bases.
The types of content included in the content plan:
-the restaurant's kitchen
-guests' pictures and reviews
-stories about staff and 'inner workings'
-upcoming events
–Provide compliance with the planned posts
–Hold giveaways and contests in VK, Instagram on a regular basis
–Create selling animations


–Growth in the number of subscribers, increase of reach and engagement rate have been recorded for Instagram profile

Growth in the number of subscribers
Reduction in subscription cancellations
ER dynamics
Growth in engagement
Growth in reach

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