Renome is a group of companies providing integrated supply of power electronics, electrical equipment and cable products for industrial companies and construction projects in the domestic and foreign markets.


Promotion Design Web development
Web development

Create a modern and technological website focused on the domestic and foreign markets. The website should contain comprehensive information about the company and products, have filters for cable and power products, a convenient order form and a shopping cart.


1. The website has been created in Russian and in English:
Additionally, 33 subdomains have been created with SEO based on the address
2. More than 25 thousand sizes and types of cable products have been parsed and uploaded to the website
3. More unique text and graphic content has been created (3D models for cable and power products)
4. A convenient filter for power and cable products has been created. The filter can select the product by key parameters quickly and efficiently

5. A shopping cart has been created to view the selected items and submit a payment request

RenomeGroup business card design

increase the number of wholesale orders from Russia, the CIS (Kazakhstan, Belarus, near and far abroad).

Target audience

Men, 25-44 years old, representatives of electrical installation companies, energy and construction companies.


–build a semantic core;
–carry out internal/external optimization of products pages;
–analyse cable brands, types and sizes, identify the most attractive and competitive areas;
–write and place thematically optimized content in the selected areas of brands, types and sizes;
–parse catalogues and integrate new positions on the website;
–create and place unique images of cable products and power equipment;
–register product cards, add characteristics, prices;
–put captures: online chat, callback forms, application forms, price checking;
–create 33 subdomains;
–put the filter for cable and power products



–total traffic: 987 / day
–number of enquiries: 177 / month
–sales number: 24 / month
–improved website visibility in a search engine's organic results: LF (low-frequency key words and phrases) in the top - 721, MF (middle-frequency) in the top - 259, HF (high-frequency) in the top - 37.

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