Supplier of equipment for heating and water supply systems.


Web development
Web development

Create a website and online store focused on the domestic market. The website should contain comprehensive information on the company and products and provide an opportunity to place orders through the online store.


1. A website with a convenient catalogue on the home page has been developed and adapted for a mobile version. The products can be viewed by clicking through categories and brands
2. More than 400 products have been uploaded and characteristics have been imported. A unique optimized text has been prepared for each product

3. Basic settings and technical optimization of the website has been performed

Other cases


    Manufacturer and distributor of devices for the oil and gas industry, nuclear industry, chemical industry, metallurgical industry, machine-building, food industry, public utilities in the domestic and foreign markets

  • Lounge Cafe Summer Jam
    Lounge Cafe Summer Jam

    Lounge café with high-quality and diverse cuisine, bar, dance floor and delivery service.

  • Start Bankrot
    Start Bankrot

    The company provides professional legal services to the residents of Moscow and other regions of Russia