Premium multidiscipline hospital supplied with state-of-the-art equipment.


Market research before engaging in promotion

Since June 2019, there has been a decrease in site visibility and traffic. The website was experiencing a drop in all positions.


–Conduct a comprehensive audit of SEO and SEA
–Identify problem areas and rank them according to the degree of influence.
–Prepare a proposal to increase the activity on the YouTube channel


–Audit the website for technical and functional errors with special audit tools.
–Audit the website performance and promotional techniques with Serpstat tools
–Audit the effectiveness of the hospital's channel promotion on the YouTube


-SEO analysis of the promotion results has been conducted. There was confirmed a drop in the website ranking in Google and Yandex. More than that, the website was under the Panda filter in Google.
–The website has been audited for technical and functional errors. Critical violations impairing the website's performance and usability have been detected.
–The content of the website needs to be improved. Non-unique texts have been identified.
–Based on the audit, a plan for SEO promotion and recovery from Panda has been prepared, recommendations for correcting website errors have been provided.
–The plan for the YouTube advertising campaign has been developed, budget allocation has been proposed

Analysis of Russian multidiscipline hospitals

–Compile a list of all multidiscipline medical centres providing cosmetology and plastic surgery services in cities with a total population of over 1 million
–Analyse if they have websites, accounts in social networks, Yandex.Zen, as well as their annual revenue and profit


–Search for all clinics according to the specified parameters using 2Gis
–Search websites, accounts in social networks, and Yandex.Zen for all the clinics found
–Collect data on annual revenue and profit using SBIS (a unique program intended for the exchange of legal knowledge between people, companies and state authorities)


–The information on 94 medical centres from 18 cities has been consolidated in one file

Other cases


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  • SaranskPolimerPlast

    Supplier of high-quality polymer materials (cellular and monolithic polycarbonate, plexiglass, aluminium composite panels, etc.) to the Russian market

  • IT infrastructure
    IT infrastructure

    The company provides IT infrastructure services, remote workplaces, and business continuity. It involves the implementation of various scenarios of business protection, in particular from external regulators.