Research, analysis
  • Analysis of internal and external factors; External factors analysis is the most important part of strategic management. It helps to develop strategic decisions for effective interaction with external environment. It will enable to support the potential of the company at the level necessary to achieve the Goals.
  • Analysis of competitors; Analysis of competitors is the effective way to understand development strategies of competitors and identify their strengths and weaknesses. Thoughtful examination of their actions helps to develop effective solutions for successful development of your own company. Successful business strategy in many cases depends on the ability to anticipate the reactions of competitors at the market development.
  • Marketing audit; Website marketing audit is a modern way to analyze the effectiveness of a web resource in regards of products and services sales.
  • Search and web-analytics of a website; The analytics of online sales is carried out to determine the total number of current sales and to analyze them. In a short period of time it helps to understand where and when the used advertising really works.
  • Customer segmentation, identification of the target audience; Target audience segmentation is the division of customers into groups according to similarity of their needs. Segmentation of the market and target audience is important for online promotion and promotion of the company as a whole. The identification of the target audience enables to divide the potential customers into groups so that each group could make a point out of a certain advertising message.
  • Interview with managers and employees (collection of opinions) Collection of opinions is necessary for real understanding of the company’s inner atmosphere as the main element of company’s growth. The unique investigation program, based on the best practices, is developed for every company. All this helps to reach the Goal.
Development of a marketing strategy
  • Brand positioning and strategy; Brand positioning is clear, specifically-prepared information about the target audience, competitive advantages, brand mission and value. Positioning is the result of complex research and analyses. The development of a brand strategy and proper positioning are the main elements for further branding.
  • Product and pricing strategy; Product and price strategy will help to identify the product portfolio and build an effective pricing policy. The analysis will give the answers to the main questions and will help to choose the best method of market conduct. Purposes, objectives and behavior strategy of the company at the market can be determined based on this.
  • Advertising campaign; PR strategy; Advertising strategy is an integral part of your company's promotion and attraction of new customers. There are many advertising tools that are necessary to be used in the current realities. Some companies solve their specific marketing challenges using only one method, while others use different methods.
  • Customer loyalty strategy Loyalty strategy is a set of marketing activities aimed at retaining of existing customers and creating of more stable relationship between the company and its existing customers. Loyalty strategy is used as an integral part of the overall marketing strategy of the company in order to maximize profits and increase sales of goods.
Marketing support
  • Management of marketing processes; Effective management of all marketing processes is the basis for development of effective marketing communication. This includes the main elements of effective communication and defines the main stages of work on the management of marketing processes of the client. It is carried out by highly qualified members of Senseway team.
  • Introduction of marketing automation and control tools; Introduction of specialized computer programs and technical solutions to automate business processes of your company. The transfer of current business processes of the company to the area of digital solutions to increase the efficiency of labour and time resources of your company.
  • Copywriting Writing of marketing and informational texts to develop a positive perception of your company and your products. Copywriting includes psychology, advertising, art and creativity.
Visual identification
  • Corporate identity development; We will create a visual concept of your brand. These actions are carried out to make the products of your company distinguishable from competitors. Corporate identity helps to increase the response from customers as well as their trust and awareness of your brand.
  • Design of packaging and labels; Product packaging is one of the most effective advertising tools for your products. It helps to attract a potential buyer and to increase the awareness of the appearance of the product. Good design of a label can increase the number of potential customers and the level of interest in your product.
  • Design of promotional materials Offline promotion of the company still takes an important place in the advertising strategy of any brand. Many companies tend to pay less attention to this, so good visual representation of the brand has become a priority. We'll help you develop a unique design for your promotional materials. We'll not only suggest the strategy for your brand development, but also create a full-fledged packaging.
Visual representation on the internet
  • Website design; This service includes a set of works on the development of the appearance of your website. Our designers take into account all the wishes of our customer and develop a layout based on the agreed prototype or customer’s preferences.
  • Redesign of existing website (if needed); This service involves the processing of the visual representation of an existing resource. Customer may have various reasons for redesign. The most frequent ones are: outdated appearance; technical obsolescence of front end part, change of corporate style of the company.
  • Development of individual elements of the website according to the corporate style of the company; Our service includes not only the development of the appearance of the entire website, but also, if necessary, the development of new elements based on the company's style. We make the design of non-trivial elements, create unique, different solutions that will favourably allocate your site on the internet.
Conferences and presentations
  • Design of exhibition space and stands; Outstanding demonstration of your brand at any conferences, presentations and seminars is an integral part of the brand presentation as a whole. We'll help you to develop a designer project and create the stands and space appearance. We strongly recommend to trust the works on design representation of a company to professionals.
Development of new website
  • Development of a website according to the selected design; This stage is mandatory (initial) in the process of a new project development. After the design has been agreed, our specialists start the implementation of the front end (client, external) part of the website. This service can be provided both separately and in combination with the development of the entire resource. After the client's web shell has been developed there can be started the implementation of the project functionality and organization of the administrative half of the resource.
  • Selection of the right CMS and its maintenance; After the discussion of concept and functionality of the website, we'll come to understanding of what operation system shall be chosen for each function. When the front end part of the resource is ready, this question becomes especially relevant. After all, the next stage of the development is the approval, payment (if necessary) and installation of the selected cms on the hosting. All issues related to the implementation, update, solution of controversial issues of the site management system are solved by our developers.
  • Development (installation) of the necessary functional components; The service includes the introduction of components necessary for the optimal operation of a website. Here are some examples: feedback forms, filters, route calculations, output of resources and goods, navigation, visual effects and animation, galleries and videos, signing in and personal account of the user, creation of goods catalogues and synchronization with accounting. Besides introducing typical and standard components, we will also undertake to solve non-trivial, complex tasks. The cost of development and introduction of a component is agreed individually.
  • Development of a mobile website This service can be provided separately or alongside with the development of a new project. We know how important it is to adapt your website for mobile devices, so we strongly recommend not to neglect it. We develop mobile versions for all types of websites, with any control systems, of different complexity. The evaluation of works is made individually for each project.
Work with an existing resource
  • Improvement of existing components; We have vast experience in the web-industry. We develop websites and functionality from the ground up as well as work with ready-made resources. If necessary, we revise and improve the existing modules of a website.
  • Introduction of new functionality (if necessary); We can manage your website for you. The experienced developers from our team will create modules and components for any resource. We will perform in-depth analysis of your website. If it is good enough, we will continue working with it and improving its original functionality. Otherwise, we will offer you to relocate your website, redesign it or develop a new resource for you.
  • Development and introduction of new website design; We may redesign your website and introduce a new appearance to it. This service will save your money on development as well as maintain the position and content of your website in its original form without the relocation. This option is applicable if there is a competent, well-organized resource that meets all the requirements of our team of developers and seo-specialists. If the website is based on an outdated management system or inconvenient for administrating, we strongly recommend to abandon the idea of redesign. In this case, it is better to relocate your website and start to work using modern web-technologies.
Final setup and promotion
  • The setup of all functional elements for promotion and resource analytics; This service includes the introduction of website statistics tools and analytics scripts, purchase and renewal of domain names, set up of e-mail at the domain, site map design and update, setup of system resource files. We will also cooperate and solve problems with your hosting provider. Alongside with standard services, the work with seo-department sometimes require improvements. They can be paid separately or as a part of support.
  • Website audit; We will check all web errors at your website. Technical audit, speed audit, audit of products search visibility, content audit
  • Specification development and faults correction After the audit we will correct all your website faults. Development of specification for problem-solving, development of specification for technical problems elimination, development of specification for commercial factors improvement, development of specification for speed improvement in your city, development of specification for content improvement.
  • Promotion strategy; After carrying out the analysis, we develop the promotion strategy.
  • Semantic core compilation The semantic core is all possible searches by which clients can search for you, as a rule there are more than 3,000 of them for one area.

Promotion stages
  • Internal optimization; Internal optimization includes the elimination of critical technical errors in the operation of your website, development of the correct structure for your website, improvement of the level of usability (how convenient it is to use your resource) and the implementation of necessary requirements to improve the position in the search results.
  • Application of tools for tracking each segment of the website and its promotion; Setup of webmaster tools for Yandex and Google search engines, revision of content for uniqueness, introduction of unique content, elimination of the indexing problem, structure optimization.
  • Improvement of website usability, internal website optimization; Usability audit, optimization of user experience from perception, recommendations for interfaces improvement, work on bounce rates reduction and user engagement increase, conversion boost. Introduction of selling elements, audit of commercially important elements and development of recommendations for commercial factors improvement.
  • SEO (natural growth); The promotion of a website is based on a list of search queries. The semantic core of your website is formed from this list. The effectiveness of your company's promotion and the positions of key pages directly depend on the quality of the requests selected for promotion and the created resource structure.
  • SEA promotion (yandex and google tools); The contextual advertising offered by such search resources as yandex and google is implied here. This type of promotion will quickly bring your website to the top positions in the search results.
  • Social media marketing and promotion; Smm is a part of marketing and communication strategy of every modern company. This set of tools will help you to promote your company or brand by means of social networks.
  • Analytics and regular monitoring; Daily monitoring of critical optimization and performance indicators, analytics on conversions, audience, competitive environment, results evaluation, strategy adjustment, semantic core development.
  • External optimization of the website; Compilation of anchor list for links, development of requirements for the project sites, development of specifications for links and articles posting, search and selection of sites, purchase of external links and articles.
  • Set-up of PPC advertising
  • Support and maintenance of websites; We do not only create websites. Senseway provides the whole range of services aimed at your resource improvement. Have you noticed that many websites cease to exist when their owners start operating them without professional assistance? We believe that this approach is wrong. We develop websites and stay friends with our customers. We are always available for them. Improvements can be paid separately or within the agreed support of the resource, if they are regular.
  • Related materials design; Various types of content such as banners and promotional materials are often posted on websites. We will make necessary design according to your corporate style. We recommend that you continue to cooperate with us after the development of your website. In this case you can be sure that all the pictures, promos, photos and videos will be made according to your concept. Such cooperation will ensure integrity, purity of the code and a long, successful life of your resource.
  • Testing and additional development; Our team will be there for you. As a part of the support, we can develop new solutions for your website. Besides, senseway provides continuous testing and refinement of existing functional solutions. This service is another undeniable advantage of long-term cooperation with us.
  • Quality-of-service improvement Over time, any services and functional elements of websites become obsolete. Promotional and advertising channels become irrelevant. Various social networks appear and die. Senseway will help you to stay in the forefront of progress assisting you with new promotions, presentations and trainings, product design and promotion as well as with functional elements of your website. We will help you to represent yourself among competitors and consumers anywhere any time as efficiently as possible.
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