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Website promotion

how will online promotion help you?
Audience growth

People trust search results several times better than any advertising – you get the maximum of loyal to you audience

Sales growth

Website promotion is not only the growth of the audience, it is also the work on increasing conversion and improving usability

Sales stability

Turn-key promotion brings regular traffic even when the work has already been completed, as SEO results can not be turned off as advertising

Your brand awareness

TOP position of your website inspires credibility, increases popularity and creates the positive image of your brand

How does promotion begin?

We will analyze your website for all web errors.

  • Technical audit
  • Speed audit
  • Audit of commercial factors
  • Audit of products search visibility
  • Content audit

After the audit we will correct all your website faults.

  • Development of specification for problem-solving
  • Development of specification for technical problems elimination
  • Development of specification for commercial factors improvement
  • Development of specification for speed improvement in your city
  • Development of specification for content improvement

After correcting the errors, we analyze the situation as a whole, and prepare the promotion plan

What do we analyze?

  • Visibility and semantic core in your city
  • Visibility in search engines
  • Positions in search queries
  • Structure analysis
  • Semantic core analysis

After carrying out the analysis, we develop the promotion strategy.

  • in-depth study of the interests and characteristics of the target audience
  • Analysis of the specific nature of the business
  • General analysis of the current status and the visibility of what is promoted in search engines
  • Check for search engine filters: Minusinsk, re-optimization, behaviour factors, AGS, affiliate filter and so on
  • The study of the competitive environment, the TOPs of your city and their target queries
  • Analysis of the competitors with good visibility
  • Development of search engine promotion strategy on the basis of objectives to be achieved and research findings

The semantic core is all possible searches by which clients can search for you, as a rule there are more than 3,000 of them for one area.

  • Core compilation
  • Development of specification for copywriters
  • Development of content plan for the texts for landing pages
  • Compilation of the words recommended for use in the content, the required amount of content
  • Creation of meta title tags for the website sections
  • Creation of meta description tags for the website sections
  • Creation of h1 tags for queries in your city
  • Creation of alt tags for images on pages
  • Check for errors in server response codes, hosting settings, page properties
  • Download speed optimization
  • Adaptation for different devices, displays and resolutions
  • Setting of webmaster tools for Google and Yandex search engines
  • Revision of the content for uniqueness, introduction of unique content
  • Resolution of indexing issues
  • Structure optimization
  • Semantics setting (micro markup, snippets, HTML5)
  • Optimization, promotion of displays in search results (favicon, title, snippet, quick links, additional information)
  • Search and elimination of duplicates, blank and junk pages
  • Set up of the instructions for search engines in robots.txt
  • Development of the site map sitemap.xml
  • Check and elimination of unwanted optimization techniques: cloaking, hidden text and elements, iframe, spam (excessive content)
  • Negotiations with Google and Yandex technical support

Improvement of website usability and purchase efficiency.

  • Usability audit.
  • Optimization of user experience from perception, recommendations for interfaces improvements.
  • Activity aimed at the reduction of bounce rate and increase of user engagement, conversion boost.
  • Introduction of selling elements.
  • Audit of commercially important elements and development of recommendations for commercial factors improvement.

We control more than 57 critical optimization indicators

  • Daily monitoring of critical optimization and performance indicators.
  • Analytics on conversion, audience, competitive environment.
  • Evaluation of results, strategy adjustment, semantic core development.
  • Analysis of the semantic core impact on the search results: do the selected queries benefit to the business?
  • Evaluation of audience interests changes based on the statistics of search engines.
  • Priorities variation and customer's proposals updating.
  • Reaction to changes in search engine algorithms.
  • Compilation of anchor list for links.
  • Development of requirements for the project sites.
  • Development of specifications for links and articles posting.
  • Search and selection of sites.
  • Purchase of external links and articles.
  • Purchase of social factors for the website and social media.
  • Work with directories.

Advantages of PPC advertising:

  • Quick launch: it takes only 5 days to set up and launch an advertising campaign. You will get the first visitors and clients on the day of launch.
  • Your advertising may be seen above the search results at the top of the page.
  • The advertising is shown to the target audience. They find the right product / service, we do not spend money on random visitors.
  • Pay per click. You pay only when a user clicks on your ad and goes to your website. If there was no click, you do not pay anything, even if the ad was shown.

Before setting up, we assess the whole situation: who is your target audience, what are your advantages over the competitors, how attractive you are for the target audience, what are the main objections. We calculate the future strategy of contextual advertising in advance.

Set of actions:

  • We study the whole customer niche in your cit
  • Market research
  • Identification of future campaign objectives
  • Analysis of competitors
  • Analysis of obtained data
  • Context audit

We write ads, test titles and images, test contextual strategy. We study people who do not want to order from you

Set of actions:

  • Yandex Direct
  • Google AdWords
  • Yandex Advertising Network in your city or in the Russian Federation
  • YouTube — the contex
  • Mobile Apps

After setting up you get the first orders while we start contextual optimization

We reach your target audience accordingly, wherever it is. We get them back and follow them up

Set of actions:

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • VKontakte
  • Sites
  • Mobile web

Retargeting / remarketing are useful tools if you approach wisely and do not drain the budget. We can get back the client who has forgotten to make an order.

At this stage we try to reduce the budget and offer favorable price for an attracted client. Context traffic settings become more effective

Set of actions:

  • Ineffective ads are turned off
  • Analytics of all traffic channels
  • Optimization of context expenses in your city
  • Removal of negative keywords

Introducing PPC advertising we set the following goals:

  • Reduction of Cost-Per-Lead
  • Increased conversion
  • Sales growth

Our main task is to increase not just the number of leads, but sales and profitability

Our clients’ success
MegaCable project (SEO / PPC advertising)
  • Total website traffic: from 64 to 458 / day
  • Number of enquiries: from 2 to 74 / month
  • Sales: 11 / month

Improvement of website visibility on search engines: 293 long tail queries in the top, 62 mid-level queries in the top, 12 head queries in the top.

  • Total website traffic: 987 / day
  • Number of enquiries: 177 / month
  • Sales: 24 / month

Improvement of website visibility on search engines: 721 long tail queries in the top, 259 mid-level queries in the top, 37 head queries in the top.

Number of leads:
231 / month
212 / month
Cost-Per-Lead 344 RUB.
93% of companies employ our PPC advertising service for more than 1 year
RostTeplo project (SEO)
  • Total website traffic: from 1200 to 2500 / day
  • Number of enquiries: from 119 to 374 / month
  • Sales: from 6 to 81 / month
  • Total website traffic: 6234 / day
  • Number of enquiries: 981 / month
  • Sales: 186 / month
Our latest work
Projects for our customers
  • City ratings
    City ratings

    Media publisher of ratings, reviews on companies and services, events announcements in the city of Saransk, Russia.


    Online store of brand-name clothes and bags with delivery across Russia

  • SaranskPolimerPlast

    Supplier of high-quality polymer materials (cellular and monolithic polycarbonate, plexiglass, aluminium composite panels, etc.) to the Russian market

  • KIA

    South Korean automotive manufacturer, second-largest automobile manufacturer in South Korea and the seventh in the world

  • Start Bankrot
    Start Bankrot

    The company provides professional legal services to the residents of Moscow and other regions of Russia

  • Karabanov and partners
    Karabanov and partners

    The company provides professional legal services to the residents of Moscow and other regions of Russia


    Renome is a group of companies providing integrated supply of power electronics, electrical equipment and cable products for industrial companies and construction projects in the domestic and foreign markets.


    Premium clinic of plastic surgery and cosmetology in Moscow, one of the leading clinics in Russia

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